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Friday, 4 November 2011

Coincidence or Zeitgeist? You decide! Part 3

H - Well, Rex!

R - Yes, indeed, Howard, well!

H - After our sojourn chatting around the table with Alan over the past two weeks, we are returning, like dogs to a bone, to our ever increasing obsession with coincidence! We hadn't planned to...

R - That's true.

H - But....

R - But there has been such an avalanche of coincidences/synchronicities over the past few weeks that I am starting to think that maybe Barry Manilow was right: "Could this be magic, now?"

H - I had a very interesting discussion about coincidence and synchronicity last weekend with Dis, the co-publisher of Hadean Press. Dis mentioned that in esoteric thought, this repetition of coincidences is known as the Golden Thread, and can be viewed as an indicator that one is on the right path.

R -  ...As distinct from the Silver Thread, which keeps you attached to your body when you are travelling on the astral plane.

H - ...Or the Copper Thread, which is used to conduct electricity.

R - ...Or the lead sheets that people pinch from church roofs and turn into gold.

H - Over three months ago, Rex, you drew the page below as part of a spread for the very last scene of our book. As readers can see, the 'camera' is pulling back from St. Paul's Cathedral to a small sapling. In our story, the sapling is of great symbolic significance. It represents a re-imagined, transformative process. Little did we know at the time that St. Paul's would it itself become so topical a symbol around precisely these issues!

R - Incidentally, the price of gold is at an all time high. Does anybody want to buy any lead?

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  1. Arguably your most hilarious post yet. A priceless double act!

    ps Artwork's pretty impressive too ...