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Friday, 16 November 2012

Our first interview, Part 2:

H: Rex, the second part of our interview is now on-line at BBP Creations!

R: It is...and it's all about me, Howard.

H: That’s right. 

R: And though I say so myself, I think I come over rather well! I'm clearly still popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

H: Indeed. (And so modest, too!) Though I should warn you, Rex, that the polling I commissioned in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Antipodes show the opposite trend. 

R: In fairness, those countries have never understood me and my work....

H: So if readers would like to hear more from Rex go to BBP Creations -- where you’ll also find other interviews with many other interesting artists, including friends of ours: Steve Dooley (who I'm in a band with), Bobby Gilbert (who I'm in another band with), and Sam North (who I'm not in a band with), the creators of the excellent app The Wind in the Willow. Also, our friends Brian & Wendy Froud and Elizabeth-Jane Baldry discuss the creation of their meditation app, Pathways to Faery.


  1. Agreed - a most interesting interview indeed. Rex is famous!

    Signed: The Real Anonymous

  2. Well!! Superb Interview, Excellent skills, Rex is Rock....
    Regards: terrylleonn